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About Us

As West Ham United's award-winning outreach vehicle, The Foundation's vision is to be the leading social and community outreach organisation providing inclusive, life-changing opportunities for residents in East London and Essex.

The programmes that the Foundation delivers are so extensive that former Premier League Chairman Richard Scudamore said "...among the 161 clubs, I don't think there's a single club I could name that does community engagement to the depth and with the real commitment that West Ham do"

Since the 2013/14 season there has been £6m invested into the local community, including £400,000 invested in the 3G pitch at Beckton, which hosts over 1000 participants every week. The Foundation is constantly working on changing both attitudes and lives, breaking down long standing barriers to create opportunities for more inclusive features. With over 35 active programmes the Foundation reaches over 40,000 people of all ages and abilities whilst tackling key issues including social deprivation and loneliness.